Just For Tonight

just for tonight pic 3A marriage is not some nebulous entity. It is a union between two very human beings. And as humans we have needs. Often one of the needs is to just simply get away from all the stress; the pressure of an info/tech savvy saturated environment, the stress of having to keep all those plates spinning in the air at once, feelings you have to do instead of be. We are human beings after all.

My song “Just for Tonight” came from reflecting on sacred moments of fun with my husband and a desire to recapture again and again and again, the joy of just being together. Oftentimes these moments give us opportunities to begin breathing deep again. They help us enjoy and appreciate one another’s personalities, and to even revisit our emotional scrap book of humor and keepsakes~

Here are the lyrics and a link to the song:

Just for Tonight Tammy Bovee © 2012

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Verse 1: Just for tonight, let’s walk in twilight’s stillness
Just for tonight
Just for tonight let the stars sing to us
Just for tonight Let’s stroll starlit fields of splendor
Let the moment breathe
Dance with me in splashing moonlight over by the trees

Chorus: `Cause sometimes life’s greatest stories fit between the lines
Sometimes silence speaks when words are hard to find
Wounded hearts heal during walks in the night
So hold me / hold me/ Let me know it will be all right /
Just for tonight

Verse 2: Just for tonight, forget all of our struggles
Just for tonight
Just for tonight watch our gold rings sparkle
Just for tonight Let’s dance like we just fell in love
`Tasted our first kiss
Dream of happy times of laughter as we reminisce


Let’s remember why we fell in love all those years ago
Let’s take our shoes off and run like children
Let the heartaches go/ Let the heartaches go

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