learning how to pray together as a married couple

Have you ever used the ACTS Prayer Model: (this is fun way to do this as a couple, taking turns spontaneously talking to God, back and forth between the two of you.

Start here: Create a comfortable place where you two can relax. It may be kneeling at a couch or sprawled out on the bed together.

Speak God’s Attributes to him – think about who God is-even go through the alphabet using the letters of the alphabet ( ie; God You are: All-knowing, Beautiful, Creator, Divine, Ever-present, Forgiving, Gracious, Holy, Intelligent, etc.) Name the names of God, as you learn these,
recall them in prayer. *Praising God is a powerful antidote for idolizing your spouse and expecting a spouse to be things God never meant for them to be. It weans us of that tendency and teaches us to redirect our needy spirits toward God, the only one who can love us perfectly. Expecting our spouse to love us perfectly isn’t fair. We all need grace and mercy!

Tell God how you are doing, the areas in which you’ve been struggling, where you’d like to grow.

Creatively thank God for all the blessings in your life, including things you take for granted, or things you don’t have to deal with. Think about the abilities you have. (I once sat and listened with tearful awe as a paraplegic thanked God for the remaining faculties she did have sight, another breath, touch, hearing, taste, and the ability to feel the presence of the Lord.)
Thanking God helps us to realize all the things we take for granted. Thanking God develops spiritual muscle against grumbling and discontent; two attitudes which hurt marriages.

Look around your life, your church, your family, your neighborhood. Are there hurts to be healed? Needs to be met? Pray big, pray wide, pray far reaching, not just in your time and space but, expand the borders of your prayers. Think how you would like someone to pray for you, your family, your deepest needs, even unspoken hopes and dreams, and do it for someone else.