I am a re-purposed wife who learned how to let go of my materialistic expectations in order to hold on to my marriage. I encourage disappointed wives of unemployed or underemployed husbands how to let go of stuff that hinders and hold on to the real-life dream of lasting love.

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  1. Hi. I just read your story in Guidepost on the heels of a really bad day. A really bad 5 years, going on 6. We are steadfast believers, clinging to our marriage, clinging to Christ. Clinging to the path we thought He led us to; both college educated . So much of your story resonated with me that I looked you up. I have some questions id like to ask from someone who has been where we are. Are you willing to communicate via email?
    Thank you.

    1. Jean,
      what a blessing to hear how God used our story to touch your heart. There is so much I want to share with hurting wives because I’ve been there and God has met my needs through his grace.

      Keep reaching for him and letting him fill your heart. He is your source and his love will never fail. You are precious in his eyes and he longs to help you along each step of your adventure.

      Rest your weary heart in him. Cling to his Word. Study the Bible as a love letter. Pour out your heart to him and immerse yourself in praise every day…

      Tammy Bovee
      2 Cor. 4:7

  2. Tammy, last night I read your story in Guideposts about how you and your husband became church janitors and how you came to accept and even love the work. You seemed to struggle mightily as first and then you decided to accept God’s plan for you and Jeff. I cannot begin to tell you how I felt after I read your story. To say that I was filled with hope and quiet joy is an understatement. I am going through a somewhat similar situation with my husband of 22 years, and at times recently I have had to struggle to not give up on him. I have called him lazy, a total under-achiever, and most recently (much to my pain and embarrassment) a husband who apparently isn’t doing his best to take care of me. Your Guideposts article affected me immediately and profoundly. I have a whole new perspective on the situation my husband and I are in (he lost very good 15 months ago, after having worked for over 20 years for a State university with excellent pay and benefits which alas, decided they didn’t need – or want – him anymore) and he has struggled tremendously emotionally and mentally because of this rejection. He has had no success in finding another job. Because of you, I now see that he has been looking for the WRONG kinds of job, or perhaps, has been far too narrow in his search. For now I see that if we have each other, any job will do, and if we have the love of God and trust in that, any LIFE will do. Tammy, I don’t know you but I love you. You have helped me more in 10 minutes than my entire family has in 15 months. Thank you SO much for sharing.

    1. Michelle, may the LORD’s kindness and love shower down on you and bless you as you live out your love for God by loving your husband.

      At times the cross God asks us to take up, means we let go of something we thought we couldn’t live without… those expectations of a safe life with the “stuff” we want and think we need… but as we relinquish our grasp on material things, we find like never before the things that really matter aren’t things at all. They are intangibles… like knowing God is our security, our source, and the one who loves us best.

      At times God tests us for a time, to see what is in our hearts. And then gives us back our dream, but it is then we look back on the trial and realize the spiritual healing… that we’re able to hold lightly material things, and not clench them, for our source of security. I don’t know, what God’s plan is for you, but be reassured, God will be all that you need for this trial you are in.

      Thank you for sharing how the article touched your life. Your words are like gifts to me. My heart was moved to tears as I read your letter. As a writer I don’t always have opportunity to know how God spoke through my work.

      Blessings and love in Jesus Christ,
      Tammy Bovee
      2 Cor. 4:7

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Letting go of expectations to hold on to happily ever after.

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